Chakra Crystal Wall Hanging

7 Chakra's Raw Crystal Window Hanging

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These chakra window hangings are loving hand-made by the talented in-house designers of Xander Kostroma and each stone is selected specifically to represent each of the 7 chakras’.

- Crown is represented by Amethyst which is used as a natural tranquillizer.

- The third eye is represented by Lapis Lazuli (or Lazurite) and is thought to enhance wisdom, inner vision, and mental clarity.

- The throat chakra is represented by Aquamarine which is said to be a stone of courage.

- The heart chakra is shown by Aventurine stone which is believed to be a positive stone of prosperity diffusing negative emotions.

- The Solar Plexus is represented by Citrine and can help to increase your creativity.

- The Sacral is represented by Agate which is said to enhance mental function & improve concentration.

- And finally, the Root chakra is represented by the deep red of Garnet and is thought to be one of the oldest crystals used for spiritual protection.

Please Note the Size: Measures approx.: 38cm